Sunday, August 01, 2010

LA Girl Rock Star Addict

How's everyone doing? Today I did my nails with LA Girl Rock Star Addict. This color has to be in my top (insert number) reds, up there with Ruby Pumps. I have ChG Stroll too, which I think is a dupe to this. So that needs to be up there too. But back to Addict. It has such beautiful gold and red flake glitter in a maroon jelly base. Sometimes it looks like the dark red color and sometimes it looks like a burnt brown red, almost completely brown. I loves it.

Gah, my middle nail is taking forever! I know I keep filing it to shape it, but damn it, I'm impacient!

Close up *drools*
Haz click it!


  1. pretty :)
    I´ve ordered this for the 2nd time.
    Let´s see if it arrives this time around!

  2. This is one of my all-time favorites!

  3. I think Stroll might be my favorite red...this week...or today at least...although I had Ruby Pumps on earlier this week and it's pretty damn fine...

  4. Sarah - Hope you get it this time! Stupid Cherry Culture.

    Öykü - I agree.

    Sandi - I still haven't worn Stroll. *blushes* It's a pretty near dupe to this isn't it? I guess I can go look. Ruby Pumps is the shit.

  5. thank yous!
    Let´s see what happens!

  6. My CC order arrived!!!! :D
    Tell me something...Do you have Party Animal as well? Mine is so it normal??

  7. Yay! I don't have it unfortunately, but I do remember Scrangie saying that hers was thick and goopy. She blamed it on it having dried up, but it may just be the nature of the polish.


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