Monday, October 04, 2010

Models Own 'Car Key' Collection

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So here's the new Model's Own collection. I haven't seen anyone post it, so I thought I would. They're supposed to be a cheaper version of the awesome Chanel Collection 'Les Khakis de Chanel.' Obviously they're not dupes, which sucks, but I'm excited for these! I was sooo bummed that I couldn't get the Chanel collection. I've never wanted a Chanel polish as much as Khaki Vert. Actually, I've never really wanted any Chanel polish that much.

Here's what they say about it:

"Models Own launch a collection of ultra-covetable Autumn/Winter colours that once again provide a chic and affordable alternative to those by Chanel. The seasonal shades bear a striking resemblance to Chanel’s Khaki collection, so much so that in homage, we’ve named this military-esq trio The Car Key Collection."

"Launching in Boots from October 2010, the collection consists of three brand new shades – Grace Green, a mossy pastel green; Becca’s Brown, a dusky beige hue and Purple Ash, a vintage dusky rose. Designed to complement the colours of the season, our latest collection offers surprising and intriguing combinations that are all ultra-wearable and bang on trend."

You can get these for £5 each from Boots and River Island, which are both stores in the UK (duh) starting October 6, 2010 or online at starting October 13, 2010.

=D What do you think?


  1. I like it that they aren't dupes, it would be boring. I was never into any chanel either but in the last 2 months I caved and got khaki vert, brun, paradoxal and nouvelle vague.
    I didn't get any mac vv or opi burlesques and not getting any of other xmas polishes, drugstore or other, I just saved for what I liked best, along with 3 lippmanns and 2 nars vintages - I never buy the expensive stuff otherwise, this time they just piled up.

  2. they look exactly like the khakis from chanel! I neeeed these! <3

  3. Honestly, I don't get all the hooraw about Chanel. Some of their old colors were pretty hot but the last couple years most have been pretty yawn inducing for me (and not that hard to find dupes for). I've referred to this collection as the Khaka collection since the first time I saw at over at ALU.

    Glad you're back! Hope the camera fairy visits you soon.

  4. splattergirl - Yeah, it doesn't mattter to you that they're not dupes cause you have the Chanels! ;) I don't have any expensive polishes, one day though I shall.

    Lois - I agree!

    Sandi - That's how most high end brands are for me. Haha, you don't like it? I know the colors are a little ugly-pretty.

    I do too! I miss it!

  5. Maybe it's because they are extremely uncomplimentary to my skin tone. Anything with a brownish/yellowy-greenish tinge looks like khaka on me. Makes my hands look mottled red and yellow...not a good look. I might be able to carry off the pink Models Own but since I don't love it I wouldn't put the effort in to tracking it down.

  6. Models own is still not cheap! Why wont drugstore brands listen and make this! Sally hansen make a chanel like khaki in your 2.39 cents line!

    If I ever find these on sale I might have to scoop one up! Thanks for posting this, I love your blog and enjoy reading the posts!

    Follow me and ill follow you!
    (i just started and could use some followers!)

  7. I wasnt really that keen on the chanel range but I thought Jade was a fairly nice colour. as for the models own ones; Purple Ash looks lovely (saw a review where the girl was comparing loads of dusky purple shades) but I dont think i will be going out of my way to buy these :)

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