Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Zoya Anaka

Really pretty jewel toned magenta. Nothing much left to say about it!


  1. We have such a similar taste!!!
    I absolutely love this color!
    It has been in my wishlist for a long time...but since zoya is always releasing new collections and the polishes are a bit expensive to me I always pass on it :(...
    I will get this one next time thought! Loved it in your pictures!!! <3

  2. Anaka is gorgeous! I normally find similar shades boring, but Anaka is just so pretty.

  3. Sarah - I know! I wish Zoya was cheaper, I only get them on sales. Yay, glad that I captured the polish well!

    Nailtastic - I agree, there's something special about Anaka.

  4. My Zoya list just grows until exchange time rolls around, lol. If they ever stop doing that every year I'm in deep doodoo.

  5. Come out so we can talk about the ChG's VV's I just got.......


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