Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Versatile Blogger. Who, me?

Hey ladies! Anyone still out there? I'm so behind on this tag, but I'm still gonna post it. I was tagged by the sweetie Sarah.

The rules are to tell 7 things about yourself and to tag 6 people. I'm sure everyone has been tagged already, so if you haven't, I tag you.

Onto me. Hmm, I'm not that interesting.

1. I have two different colored eyes. One green and one blue with a little brown in each.
2. My hair is really long, longest part is right above my a**.
3. I love learning about medicine, anatomy/physiology, and drugs (prescription or illegal). It's so fascinating to me.
4. I don't really like today's society very much.
5. I love music. Metal, Spanish, Classical, Rock.
6. I love languages, and would learn them all if I could.
7. I never finished High School.

Phew! That was hard.



  1. Oh, having different colored eyes is really cool :)

  2. Oh, are you my lost twin? ;) Except I have equally colored eyes, and isn't a fan of SPanish music per se (it's not really an active genre in Sweden ;)). :)

    I'm still struggling with "high school" (the Swedish equivalent). I'm 30 fucking years old.

  3. nihrida - I'll see if I can find a photo worth posting!

    Féline - Hehe. What? I thought that was Sweden's national language. ;)

    Hey, you're obviously a very intelligent woman, so who gives a damn.

  4. I lurve reading questionnaires!
    consider yourself tagged with those last two I posted :P
    I wanna see those pretty eyes too!!

    And yeah, I don´t like society neither...or most people for that matter...


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